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This has been an unprecented phase in our ten-year journey as Roots family, as it would be for each of you as well. We hope you and your loved ones are fine. With the current lockdown our classes will continue online for everyone to still be in touch with football.

All class updates will be posted on this page.


10 years & Below:
Tue, Thu & Sat: 3 pm - 4.15 pm
Tue(Red), Thu(Purple), Sat(Red)
Year of birth: 2010-2015

11 years & above:
Tue & Thu: 4.30 - 5.45 pm & Sat: 11 am - 12.15 pm
Tue (Red), Thu (Purple), Sat (Red)
Year of birth: 2003-2009


  • Can football be taught online?
  • Individual techniques, ball mastery drills, fitness & tactics can be done in a living room. With the current situation and social distancing, it is more important to be enagaged and continue practising.
  • What equipment is needed?
  • A ball (preferably football) Water bottles/ shoes can be used as markers/ cones. Yoga mat will be helpful.
  • How are classes delivered?
  • Our certified and experienced coaches conduct the classes with a mix of videos and live demonstrations.
  • How are trainees monitored?
  • We have multiple coaches (~ 1:8) observing the sessions and correcting as required.

Parent Testimonial's

  • Roots Football’s online coaching classes have been a life-saver! My sons who are 10 and 7 years old look forward to the classes diligently; it’s amazing to see how patiently and dextrously the Roots coaches are managing the students online, coaching them, motivating them and keeping them disciplined about practicing not just their football skills but focusing on fitness as well!
  • - Neha Bagaria - Parent of Yuv & Dev.

  • For kids looking to stay in shape and improve skills these online classes really have them sweating and more importantly focused and engaged. For beginners these sessions are an amazing way to almost have 1-1 coaching in the comfort of your own home. No one can see you mess up but you and the coach! The coaches keep an eye on every kid and feedback on how to do the skill properly. Much to my surprise, the sessions work well as the coaching team has a variety of drills to keep everyone learning.
  • - Phyllis Savage - Parent of Maximus and Gabriel

Setup Guidelines

Please give maximum space possible (can be done inside house) to do the drills and ensure laptop or phone is placed such that - you can watch and hear the instructions and your device camera is focused on your feet and upwards as you perform the drills.

Roots Jersey & shorts - Red / Purple (alternate days)
Footwear: Running shoes or barefeet (depending on what is safe on the given surface)

Football, Yoga Mat, Water bottle.

Other Instructions:
Use full name of child while signing-in for easy identification
Room will be online 15 minutes before scheduled start time to enable you to setup camera
Videos with speaker view will be recorded

Attending the Class

On registering, we'll get back to you within 24 hours with details to how to join the online session.

Videos - 10 years & below

Videos - 11 years & above

Stay Home. Stay Safe. See you soon.

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