Improving ones technical ability, he will be able to play with more confidence and become more effective. Trainees will be taught the fundamental techniques such as dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, defending, heading and goalkeeping.


Spend more time with the ball. Stay active off the ball. We will develop the player’s understanding of how to dominate their opponent and also how to combine as a team. All activity is delivered in relation to the development age of the players.


Players will learn specifically how to train their bodies for the demands of the game and take responsibility for looking after their body. Focus will be on the fundamental movements of agility, balance, strength, speed and stamina. Players will also learn how exercising their bodies off the field will give them the best chance on it.


Players of all ages have to deal with winning and losing, playing well and making mistakes. We show our players techniques on how to build confidence throughout the different challenges presented in the game

Age Groups

Sub Junior — 5-8 year olds

The objective will be for all of the kids to have fun, make friends, and learn some soccer skills that will help them should they decide to continue to the next level. The goal is to introduce them to basic concepts like dribbling and kicking and make it enough fun that they want to keep playing as their bodies and minds mature.

Junior Players — 8-11 year olds

>This focuses on teaching the fundamental techniques of the game and showing players how to master these into skills. Tailor-made for junior players with a fun and friendly atmosphere, football mad kids can live and breathe the game.

Senior Players — 12-16 year olds

Intensive training designed to take the players to that next level by using their technique but also developing their game understanding of team shape, defensive responsibilities. Players will also be encouraged to start developing a mature approach to their physical and mental preparation for training and matches.

Youth Players — 16-18 year olds

Advanced technical and tactical sessions. Youth players will be taken through position-specific physical and technical training .Players will also be given a valuable insight into the opportunities that arise by staying in the game. Players also discover how the skills learnt from the game can help them mature and take responsibility for their own development.